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of ruthless radicals. The Short Novels of Dostoevsky, Short Novels of Dostoevsky, translated by Garnett, New York, 1945. Yale Review, December, 1977. Test your knowledge of Crime and Punishment with our quizzes and study questions, or go further with essays on the context and background and links to the best resources around the web. Career: Novelist, journalist, and short-story writer. Crime and Punishment brought him acclaim but scant financial compensation. The Structure of "The Brothers Karamazov Mouton, 1967. Rahv, Philip, Literature and the Sixth Sense, Houghton Mifflin, 1969.

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Ivan's philosophical essay, The Legend of the Grand Inquisitor, is a work now famous in its own right. Laing,.D., Self and Others, Pantheon, 1969. Goldstein, David., Dostoyevsky and the Jews, University of Texas Press, 1981. He continues to resist the idea that he is as mediocre as the rest of humanity by maintaining to himself that the murder was justified. Porfiry Petrovich emphasizes the psychological angle of the novel, as he shrewdly realizes that Raskolnikov is the killer and makes several speeches in which he details the workings of Raskolnikovs mind after the killing. Indeed, by focusing so little on Raskolnikovs imprisonment, Dostoevsky seems to suggest that actual punishment is much less terrible than the stress and anxiety of trying to avoid punishment. When Dostoyevsky was finally allowed to return. Petersburg, Russia; buried in the Alexander Nevsky Monastery in Leningrad; son of Mikhail Andreevich (a physician) and Maria Fedorovna (Nechaeva) Dostoevsky; married Maria Dmitrievna Konstant Isaeva (died April 15, 1864 married Anna Grigorievna Snitkina (a stenographer February 15, 1867; children: (second marriage) Sofia, Lyubov, Fyodor. In 1867, Dostoyevsky fled to Europe with his second wife to escape creditors.