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status of pets as property, and the risks of extra-label drugs being used by vets on pets. What reputable business hangs out a sign, offers goods and services to the public, solicits your business, takes your money, then has the state pass a law which restricts you from questioning or scrutinizing them? Almost to a person, fellow victims agree: My life will never be the same. If the vet himself did NOT explain the specific procedure to you before it was done, then informed consent DID NOT happen, NO matter HOW THE VET attempts TO twist events. More than 90 percent of malpractice complaints in Texas are dismissed. Most board sites allow you to download a complaint form directly from their site. Later, during subsequent testimony by other representatives at that meeting, Sunset Commission public member Howard Wolf, in referring to issues I had raised in my testimony, asked a question that relates to ALL pet guardians in Texas who trust their pets to veterinarians every single. For information on filing a civil lawsuit against a veterinarian, please consult an attorney.

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Tribute sites* alabama Asproolee's Story help with doing essay paragaph california ChiChi's Story Louie's Story Mishka's Story connecticut Simba's Story florida Lightening's Story Mcghee's Story Toby's Story TooTles' Story georgia Layla's Story illinois Peter's Story maryland Toonces' Story michigan Lucy's Story minnesota missouri Bud's Story Toasty's Story NEW hampshire Pocket's. NOR IS IT "informed consent" throughird party such ataff member, VET tech, OR receptionist. Only the University of Minnesota Veterinary Clinic keeps records of any value - but then, their vets don't read them and end up killing your dog. Source: Arizona Republic. Every day, untold numbers of defenseless animals are left in the hands of some negligent, incompetent doctors who inflict cruelty, injury, and death on our pets - and get away with. An after death medical report from the University of Florida said the deaths were linked to some kind of infectious organism." Pocket's Story from New Hampshire Check out Pocket's Story to see the disciplinary action (and lack thereof) taken against vets in New Hampshire.

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