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or scoring potential. Click on any of the course content sections below to start at any point in this course. I hope this post helped selecting the right optionals for IAS a much easier task. I had the good fortune of having a chat with the 2008 IAS topper Karthik Adapa when we had enrolled for mock interview at Vajiram. To summarize this long post (couldnt help it any optional that you find interesting, stimulating, fun to learn is right for you. He psych research paper cover page was already in the IPS that time and I asked him about the reason for choosing Psychology and he said he simply loved Psychology, thats why. 7.4.4 The main body of the text.4.5 The conclusion 8 Polishing 8 Polishing.1 Why polish? The guide below suggests the A Levels or IB subjects you need for different degrees. Actuarial Science/Studies, mathematics, further Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies (agce, National and Diploma). But why are these optionals so popular while the rest arent so popular?

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Some of the optionals that are considered scoring are Public Administration and Geography. So lets take them up one by one. As you know, from 2013 Mains onward upsc has done away with the second optional subject. So choosing an optional based only on the scoring criteria is incorrect. Chemistry is essential for some courses Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics ethnic groups in malaysia essay Medicine Chemistry, Biology and at least one from Mathematics or Physics. Occupational Therapy Some courses ask for Biology Psychology, Physical Education, Sociology or another science Optometry (Opthalmic Optics) Biology plus Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics Further Mathematics Orthoptics Biology Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics Pharmacy Chemistry, Biology and one from Mathematics and Physics Mathematics, Physics Philosophy None Mathematics, Classical. Nowhere am I suggesting you take up the same otherwise what I said above would be idiotic. 6.1.1 Report planning.1.2 Essay planning.2 Turning the spotlight on your work.3 Planning stages.3.1 Stage 1 Brainstorm.3.2 Stage 2 Create a mind map 7 Drafting 7 Drafting.1 Translating your plan.2 Drafting reports.3 Drafting essays.4 Writing the first. People who have opted for the most obscure subjects like Literature, Veterinary Science, Mathematics have scored heavily in the Mains simply because they were so much in love with their optionals. Sociology is easy to understand and very interesting as the topics covered concern the very society we are a part.

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Strategy FOR mathematics optional (upsc CSE mains) Nitish K, IAS (Rank 8, CSE 2014) His Blog.
Who can take Mathematics as an optional?

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