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struggle for liberation (Magubane Bernard, 1979). The first and perhaps most important solution is to increase the awareness of HIV/Aids. 87 per cent attend at the secondary level and only 20 per cent at the tertiary level (Ramdass, 2002: 9). Elections were held the same year and Nelson Mandela was elected as the first black president in South Africa.

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The welfare issues of the citizens are threatened while the humanitarian rights are occasionally threatened (Adam Heribert 2000). Like every other aspect in South Africa at the time, the education sector was racially divided with white population attending the best quality education and the black population receiving a separate poor quality education. The South African education policy framework should therefore use this as a means of encouraging an education sector that is not disjointed by racial and class divides. AAM also analyzed the implications of the sanctions to these sanctions and their possible contribution to the war against apartheid. . The groups responsible for struggling therefore acquire immense benefits as a result of the actions of the solidarity groups (Luthuli, 1971, Wilson, 1971). Following the disempowerment of the apartheid government, there was a great shift of black students from historically black schools to colored/Indian schools. The role of international solidarity, the role of the international solidarity should extend further beyond following the requests of the official leaders of the struggle for liberation. . In 1955, a group known as the Congress of the People came up with a Freedom Charter. Sources ml m/topics/apartheid.